MANUKAHONEY UMF® 20+ (= MGO ≥ 829) / 250g MANUKA-HONEY KaimaiGold (Manuka Honing / Honig - KaimaiGold)

ManukaHoney with UMF® MANUKA-HONEY LOGO is ManukaHoney with the ONLY OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED ManukaHoney QUALITY SEAL. The warranty for REAL ManukaHoney.

Article number: KAIMAIGOLD202501

KaimaiGold UMF® 20+ MĀNUKA_HONEY


The Healing Activity of MānukaHoney

The powerful antibacterial activity of MānukaHoney UMF® is mainly caused by the high Methylglyoxal (MGO) content. This antibacterial activity of MGO is enhanced by the presence of certain non-antibacterial components in MānukaHoney. The combination (at least for what concerns MGO, the quantity present) of these ingredients in MānukaHoney, is crucial for the level of non-peroxide antibacterial activity of MānukaHoney. Antibacterial activity required for the killing of certain pathogenic micro-organisms. Furthermore, MānukaHoney UMF® is rich in antioxidants.


MānukaHoney UMF® 20+ is a.o. used in:

          * Acne

          * Digestive support

          * Common cold

          * Sore throat

          * Oral hygiene (scale & plaque)

          * Wound care


If you want to use MānukaHoney to fight bacteria in the intestines, we recommend that you take the MānukaHoney with a piece of bread.


MānukaHoney UMF® supports and strengthens health in general.


The MānukaHoney UMF® Quality Mark, the only globally recognized MānukaHoney Quality Seal

The abbreviation UMF® (Unique Mānuka Factor) was introduced as thé standard to indicate the strength of the antibacterial action of the NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) component in MānukaHoney. After all, not all MānukaHoney has the same non-peroxide antibacterial action. The NPA component in MānukaHoney determines the unique healing properties of MānukaHoney. An increasing presence of this component in MānukaHoney results in more powerful anti-bacterial properties of the MānukaHoney. For example, a NPA value of 15+ is in this system indicated with UMF® 15+, a NPA value of 20+ with UMF® 20+, and so on... Usage of the UMF® MānukaHoney logo is strictly licensed to be exclusively applied on products that meet the strict quality requirements of the UMF® MānukaHoney Association. An independent party is responsible for monitoring it.




The UMF® MānukaHoney Logo

Due to the confusing proliferation of indications for MānukaHoney, the idea for developing a reliable quality label for the consumer was launched in 1995. In consultation with the New Zealand authorities, this led (modelled on the SPF sun protection factor developed in the solar industry) to the registered MānukaHoney UMF® Quality Mark in 1998.


Manuka-Honey UMF logo


Usage of the UMF® MānukaHoney logo is strictly licensed to be exclusively applied on products that meet the strict quality requirements of the UMF® MānukaHoney Association. On our web-page MĀNUKA-HONEY, THE QUALITY MARK you will find a web-link to the list of MānukaHoney producers with an official (= real) UMF® MānukaHoney licence. With this direct web-link to the website of the UMF® MānukaHoney Association, you can quickly and easily verify whether using the UMF® MānukaHoney logo on the packaging of the MānukaHoney of your choice is actually licensed, and whether the claimed MGO content of the MānukaHoney is actually correct.


Only when you buy MānukaHoney with the UMF® MānukaHoney logo on the packaging, you are absolutely sure that you are buying REAL MānukaHoney.


NPA / UMF               MGO                          Antibacterial Activity of MānukaHoney

     5+ / 6+                   83+ / 113+                    Helps to maintain good health
         10+                            263+                        MānukaHoney with good antibacterial properties
         13+                            406+                        MānukaHoney with strong antibacterial properties
   15+ / 16+               514+ / 572+                  MānukaHoney with excellent antibacterial properties
         20+                            829+                        MānukaHoney with superior anti-bacterial properties


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KaimaiGold UMF® 20+ MĀNUKA_HONEY

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