CBD-ACTIVE+ 4% - 10ml / 400mg CBD (similar to CBD-Oil 40%)

CBD-OIL & CBD-ACTIVE+. CBD (Cannabidiol) as intended by nature. CBD active+ 4% - 10ml (400mg CBD) is similar to CBD Oil 40%. CBD active+ is 100% vegetable.

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CBD-ACTIVE+ 4% - 10ml / 400mg CBD


10ml CBD active+  in handy dosage pump. This CBD (Cannabidiol) product has a similar effect to a 40% CBD oil.



CBD (Cannabidiol) as intended by nature



The benefits of CBD active+

Compared to traditional CBD products


# CBD active+ / Drinkable

CBD active+  has been designed to make the active CBD active+  ingredients soluble in water. This makes CBD active+  highly suitable to easily mix with tea or water.


# CBD active+ / Faster and stronger effect

Since CBD active+  is perfectly soluble in water, all CBD active+  ingredients are quickly absorbed by your body, and this for the full 100 percent. With traditional CBD products just 6 to 12% of the CBD ingredients are absorbed.


# CBD active+ / Inhalable

CBD active+  is soluble in water. This makes CBD active+  highly suitable for use in a vaporizer, nebulizer or inhaler.


# CBD active+ / Active ingredients

CBD active+  contains CBD, CBC and CBG, a high dosage of curcumin and the same ratio of terpenes as the primal hemp. This unique combination ensures that the active CBD active+  ingredients work even better for you. CBD active+  contains only organic plant ingredients: Curcumin, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, CBD, CBC, CBN and CBG. The carefully chosen CBD active+  ingredients are very well balanced. As a result of this, the CBD active+  ingredients enhance each other's effect.


# CBD active+ / Up to 3x less expensive

A bottle CBD active+  will last you far longer than usual, because CBD active+  is up to 10 times more effective than traditional CBD products. With normal use a bottle CBD active+  will last you 2 months.


# CBD active+ / Pleasant taste

The terpenes, curcumin and plant-based glycerine in combination with the pure cannabis extract give CBD active+  a unique and pleasant flavour.


# CBD active+ / Comfortable and easy to use

The new packaging used for CBD active+  means you can take CBD active+  anywhere. Dirty hands and leaking bottles are a thing of the past with CBD active+. CBD active+  is always fluid, and therefore CBD active+  is easy to dose: exactly 0.2 ml CBD active+  per pump. With CBD active+  it is no longer necessary to get in front of the mirror with a pipette CBD oil, because you can swallow CBD active+  directly.


Always a clean bottle with CBD active+ | Accurate dosing (0,2 ml CBD active+ each time) with CBD active+ | CBD active+ has a pleasant taste | CBD active+ is strong & effective | CBD active+ is up to 3x less expensive


CBD-ACTIVE+ 4% - 10ml / 400mg CBD

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