MānukaHoney  is a non-peroxide honey, which contains a high concentration of Methylglyoxal (MGO ). A substance that is co-responsible for the strong anti-bacterial activity of MānukaHoney. This anti-bacterial activity of MGO  is enhanced by the presence of certain non anti-bacterial components in MānukaHoney. The combination of (at least for what concerns MGO, the quantity present) these substances in the MānukaHoney  is decisive for the degree of non-peroxide anti-bacterial activity. Anti-bacterial activity required for the killing of certain pathogenic micro-organisms.

Peroxide & Non-Peroxide activity

Because of the composition of honey  every honey  has, to a greater or lesser extent, anti-bacterial properties. This is due to the presence of an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide. Thence the name Peroxide Activity. This enzyme is made in the nectar by bees. The hydrogen peroxide, and so the majority of the anti-bacterial peroxide activity, is destroyed by enzymes in our body the moment it comes in contact with our body.

Many types of honey  have, in addition to the peroxide activity, a second anti-bacterial activity. This is not caused by an enzyme that is added to the nectar by bees, but comes from the plant. With the convened pollen this unique ingredient is added to the nectar by the bees. This activity is not broken down by our body, so this stays fully present. This activity is the Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). In other types of honey  the maximum measured MGO  content is 3-8 mg/kg. The special feature of some MānukaHoney  types is that levels of more than 700 mg/kg are being found. The higher the MGO  content, the more powerful the healing anti-bacterial effect.

More information on MānukaHoney  on our web-page MĀNUKA-HONEY, THE MĀNUKA HONEY QUALITY MARK

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Our MānukaHoney range:


MĀNUKAHONEY MGO 550+  MānukaHoney MGO 550+ / 250g MānukaHoney ZEALANDIA (MānukaHoney - ZEALANDIA)


MānukaHoney MGO 300  MānukaHoney MGO® 300+ / REAL GLASS JAR / 250g MānukaHoney (MānukaHoney - BEE NATURAL)


MānukaHoney MGO 450  MānukaHoney MGO® 450+ / * SOLD OUT * / 250g MānukaHoney (MānukaHoney - BEE NATURAL)


MānukaHoney MGO 600  MānukaHoney MGO® 600+ / REAL GLASS JAR / 250g MānukaHoney (MānukaHoney - BEE NATURAL)


MānukaHoney UMF 10 Api Health  MānukaHoney UMF® 10+ API HEALTH / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 263 (MānukaHoney - API HEALTH)


MānukaHoney UMF 20 Api Health  MānukaHoney UMF® 20+ API HEALTH / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 829 (MānukaHoney - API HEALTH)


MānukaHoney UMF 15 Kaimai Gold  MānukaHoney UMF® 15+ KAIMAI GOLD / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 514 (MānukaHoney - KAIMAI GOLD)


MānukaHoney UMF 20 Kaimai Gold  MānukaHoney UMF® 20+ KAIMAI GOLD / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 829 (MānukaHoney - KAIMAI GOLD)


MānukaHoney UMF 15 KARE  MānukaHoney UMF® 15+ KĀRE / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 514 (MānukaHoney - KĀRE)


MānukaHoney UMF 20 KARE  MānukaHoney UMF® 20+ KĀRE / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 829 (MānukaHoney - KĀRE)


MānukaHoney UMF 15 MANUKORA  MānukaHoney UMF® 15+ MANUKORA / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 514 (MānukaHoney - MANUKORA)


MānukaHoney UMF 20 MANUKORA  MānukaHoney UMF® 20+ MANUKORA / 250g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 829 (MānukaHoney - MANUKORA)


MānukaHoney UMF 15 Melita  MānukaHoney UMF® 15+ MELITA / 340g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 514 (MānukaHoney - MELITA)


MānukaHoney UMF 20 Melita  MānukaHoney UMF® 20+ MELITA / 340g MānukaHoney / MGO ≥ 829 (MānukaHoney - MELITA)



Manuka Honey Choice

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