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CBD can affect the effect of medications | Keep out of reach of children | Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
If you have any questions or need further information, you can reach us through our Customer Service. In this case we will gladly provide you of (and/or guide you to) the desired information. We are, however, not doctors. So (when in doubt), always consult your doctor.


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Dutch natural healing has developed into one of the best producers of CBD products in recent years. Only high-quality plants are organically grown in the Dutch nursery. A solid basis for a product range with a guaranteed high and continuous product quality. This with the intention to make a positive contribution to your well-being.


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# CBD Oil / 100% vegetable-based

This CBD Oil consists exclusively of organic ingrediënts: the trusted CBD extract from Dutch Natural Healing mixed with olive oil. Pure natural CBD Oil, without additives of course.


# CBD Oil / Original & Pure

This unique CBD Oil recipe is closest as possible to the natural properties of the plant. Cultivating and harvesting is done in a natural and distinctive way to ensure the active substances are optimally present in the CBD Oil.


# CBD Oil / Well dosable

The CBD Oil is sufficiently fluid at room temperature to use immediately after shaking. Warming of the CBD Oil is not necessary. With the pipette the CBD Oil can be dosed comfortably.


# CBD Oil / How should I use the CBD Oil?

Drip the CBD Oil under your tongue, and keep the CBD Oil in your mouth for one minute before swallowing the CBD Oil.


# CBD Oil / How much CBD Oil should I use?

Many people start with a dosage of 3 times daily 2 drops of CBD Oil (when using Premium Gold 25% CBD Oil, 2 times daily 1-2 drops of CBD Oil) under the tongue. Based on the effect, after a few days to weeks you will be able to feel whether the dosage of CBD Oil is correct. You can increase or decrease the dosage of CBD Oil to the level your body requires. Just take the dosage of CBD Oil you feel comfortable with.


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CBD active+


# CBD active+ / What is CBD active+ ?

CBD active+  is the drinkable alternative to traditional CBD products.
CBD active+  consists of the well-known CBD extract from Dutch Natural Healing and BioACTIVE+.


# CBD active+ / What can I use CBD active+  for?

CBD active+  has the same positive characteristics as the traditional CBD oil. Feedback from users indicates, that the effects of CBD active+  on the health and well-being of individuals is far superior to – and much more clearly noticeable than – the effects experienced with traditional CBD oil and CBD paste.


# CBD active+ / Why is CBD active+  better?

Traditional CBD products are fat or oil-based. Cannabinoids bind to fats. The human body is geared towards breaking down fats. The consequence of this is, that no more than 6 to 12% of the CBD products ingested are absorbed by the body. CBD active+  has been designed to ensure that the active ingredients of CBD are fully soluble in water. The very successful result is that no less than 100% of all CBD active+  ingredients are absorbed by the body!
In addition, CBD active+  contains a terpenes profile that is equal to the primal hemp. Through the addition of curcumin, CBD active+  contains even more positive characteristics.


# CBD active+ / How should I use CBD active+ ?

You can mix CBD active+  with everything that is water-based: soft drinks, tea, coffee, etc. However, we recommend drinking CBD active+  with water or tea. Alternatively, you can opt to spray a dose of CBD active+  directly into your mouth.


# CBD active+ / What is the function of terpenes?

Terpenes are a large class of compounds that are responsible for the flavours and fragrances of a plant. Most terpenes are lost during the process of extraction, which is a great pity since it is the terpenes that have the most important medicinal value, and they work in synergy with the cannabinoids. CBD active+  contains all terpenes naturally present in the cannabis plant, along with an extra high dose of the 5 most important terpenes; Myrcene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Limonene and Pinene.


# CBD active+ / How much CBD active+  should I use?

As with other products there is no standard dosage for CBD active+ . We recommend a single pump CBD active+  once a day, as a maintenance dosage or to boost general health and well-being. Whenever you suspect that your body could do with an extra dose of CBD active+ , you can test whether there is any improvement with two or even three pumps CBD active+  from your bottle per day.
The important thing is, to do what feels right for you.


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CBD oil for Pets


CBD oil for Pets is a CBD oil specially designed for pets. The product is easier and more enjoyable for your pet to take than traditional CBD oil. The CBD concentration is specially adjusted for pets.
The recipe of CBD oil for Pets is based on the proven CBD extract, supplemented with the highest possible quality of pure salmon oil.


CBD oil pets

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