Manuka Honing / Honig - KĀRE

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Our name –  KĀRE 

Pronounced ‘karr-ee’, meaning sweet or honey, the word ‘Kare’ is often used as an affectionate greeting between friends.



At Kāre we are passionate about working in harmony with nature and the environment.

Good planets are hard to find.


In the interests of looking after ours, we endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment and to minimise our carbon footprint. 


Our products are, however, transported via ship throughout the world and in doing so we accept that we are adding indirectly to carbon emissions. To offset this impact we have planted 22 hectares of trees on our whanau land at PuhiPuhi, Karetu and Whakapara in the Taitokerau/Northland region of New Zealand. We continue to seek ways to minimise our carbon footprint and to reduce our impact on our environment.

When using Kare products please take care to dispose of packaging appropriately. Our packaging can be recycled.

Manuka-Honig mit UMF® Manuka-Honig Qualitätssiegel / KĀRE Manuka-Honig

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